Plastic, it’s fantastic!

From dolls to building materials: Plastic is truly multi-purpose. The manufacture of these plastics is done at high temperatures and sometimes under high pressure. After all, parts produced by a PE or PP extrusion line that do not meet the specifications, or are not delivered on schedule, or for which the documentation is not in order, can all result in unpleasant consequences. Suppliers must be able to meet all requirements. For this reason, engineering firms and EPC contractors usually work with preferred suppliers. These suppliers are reliable, cost-effective and provide high-quality products and services.

What are PEs and PPs?
Polyethylene (PE) is the hard plastic you find in pipes, buckets and insulating materials. Polypropylene (PP) is used in bread bins, drinking cups and cans, among others.

Screw conveyors from selected suppliers such as Van Beek meet all safety, hygiene and manufacturing requirements. Our additive screw conveyors or mixers are part of the so-called Polymer/Additive & Extruder Feeder Package. This ensures accuracy when feeding polymers and additives, and guarantees the efficiency of the extrusion process.

We supply our customers in the polyolefin industry with the timely documentation they demand. Even before they have requested it. There is never a delay because the correct papers have not been delivered. In addition to a comprehensive and signed Van Beek Inspection & Test Plan, we offer a substantial documentation package. This would typically include transport documents, (inspection) certificates, reports, datasheets, manuals, drawings and diagrams.

Additive screw conveyors or mixers are resistant to high temperatures. A continuous supply to the extruder and the mixing and homogenizing polymers with additives is achieved by using multiple (dosing) screws. They form a single closed system which guarantees safe working conditions and prevents (toxic) substances from being released.

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