Bühler Group already a satisfied user of Celsimix for a quarter of a century

The Bühler Group from Switzerland has already been the biggest fan of our Celsimix for mixing a wide variety of difficult mixtures for more than 25 years. Bühler is a well-known system integrator that focusses primarily on mechanical and thermal process engineering. The company operates in over 140 countries and has more than 13 thousand employees. “The cooperation is very good and we want to build on this in the future”, says Herr Stöckel Purchasing Manager for the company’s Leingarten site.

‘The design we were looking for’
Bühler came into contact with Van Beek when the company was looking for a way to mix nuts with a ‘binder’, for the production for example of nut bars or filled chocolate bars on behalf of a customer. “It did not feel so much for us like choosing a supplier, as cooperation. The engineers at Van Beek helped us think things through from the start and the result is the optimum technical solution and the design we were looking for”, explains Stöckel.

Installation process straightforward
The cooperation in recent years has been excellent, even where this involved the installation processes at our different customers. “That is always straightforward and the delivery time is never an issue. Exactly what you might expect from a system partner.”

Delivery including extra requisites
Van Beek has supplied the Celsimix since our cooperation began in 1993 with the necessary adjustments for over 30 different Bühler projects. The content of the models supplied varied from 700 to 3600 litres. “In almost all cases we also supplied dosing screws”, says Van Beek sales engineer Roel Kneepkens. “When the dosing screw or the Celsimix is on a platform an inclined screw conveyor is also necessary. In such cases we supplied this too.”

Continual development
The Celsimix is being continually developed in consultation with Bühler to always meet new challenges. Last year Bühler and Van Beek came together again to discuss the design and to investigate new possibilities.

Part of a bigger family
At Van Beek the machine is known as the Celsimix because it operates at a temperature (Celsi) and the twin screws mix the contents. At Bühler the machine will be called the Contimix as it is a continuous mixer. Under the trade name Celsius Van Beek also supplies other machines that are derived from it, such as the Egg shell dryer for drying egg shells, the Cryogenic screw with direct nitrogen cooling and the Cooker, a twin screw conveyor for thermal processes.

More intensive cooperation
If Bühler has its way, the cooperation will be even more intensive in the future. “We want to focus mainly on cost saving, a simpler design and a more flexible machine”, Stöckel concludes. Sales engineer Kneepkens also talks about cooperation. “This suits us very well. We make a beautiful machine that Buhler can use well for the production lines it supplies all over the world.”

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