Reijnders loads coke with Dino quickly, safely and without dust

Initially started as a transport company and developed into a trading company in coal products, that is the history in a nutshell of Reijnders BV from Boxtel. The latest step in this development is the purchase of a Dino mobile bulk truck loader. “Thanks to the Dino we can do much more work for our clients”, says production planner Ruud van Kollenburg. But there are even more important benefits that make him a satisfied client.

Leading trader in coal products
Reijnders is one of the leading traders in coal products in the Netherlands. One of the products in which it trades is coke, a product which is produced during the refining process in a refinery. Reijnders sieves the coke which then leaves particles of from 0 to 2 mm. This is then used as raw materials for the steel industry.

Coke on call
“The coke is available from us on call. We then load it from the big bags into bulk trucks and take it to the client”, explains Van Kollenburg. Before purchasing the Dino the big bags were held and emptied with a shovel, with a loader above the bulk truck. Van Kollenburg does not want to go back to those days.

Faster, safer and healthier loading
“At that time we needed three men to empty the big bags. One on the ground, one on the bulk truck and one on the shovel. It was not very fast”, Van Kollenburg looks back. “Now we only need two men, it is much faster, a lot safer and we no longer have problems with dust.”

Dust-free loading thanks to filter system
The dust-free work environment is thanks to the dust filter system with which this Dino is equipped. On filling the bulk truck the air inside it comes out through the manhole. However this is connected to the Dino. The escaping air first has to pass through a filter and the dust is removed before it gets into the work environment. “That is the main advantage of the Dino. In this way we are able to offer our employees a dust-free environment”, says Van Kollenburg.

Beautifully decorated Dino
“Reijnders has chosen a ‘well decorated’ Dino”, sales engineer Roel Kneepkens explains. The dust filter has already been mentioned, the bulk truck loader also has a loading bellows, expansion rim, cover, a heavy-duty motor (37 kW) and fluidising pads in the hopper. The Dino is made of steel.

Coal particles retain quality
Another advantage for Van Kollenburg is that the coal products retain their quality. “The screw does not crush the coal particles. That is very important to us.”

Fast product changes due to easy cleaning
The cleaning system with which the Dino is equipped also works well. “As well as coke we also load other types of coal from 0 to 3 mm and 1 to 5 mm with the Dino. As the Dino is easy to clean it takes only a short time for us to use the Dino for different loads”, says Van Kollenburg.

Doubt turns to conviction
Before the purchase Reijnders still had a few doubts about whether it was necessary to invest in a Dino. “But since we have had it we have been using it daily. It took some getting used to that we can get much more work done”, says Van Kollenburg.

“With the Dino we can work faster and more easily. It makes it easier to store product in big bags and load it into in bulk trucks on call. We are experiencing enormous growth and expansion.” The growth and development that Reijnders BV has already undergone over almost 60 years can continue thanks to the Dino.

Part of the team
Van Beek has sprayed the Dino in the company colours for Reijnders, so the mobile bulk truck loader really is now part of the team. “It contributes to our professional image. When clients come to visit, it is a real eye catcher which soon raises the question ‘What is that?’ Then it is nice to show it off”, Van Kollenburg concludes.

Fast and dust-free loading?
Is dust development a problem for your bulk loads? Or do you have more demands for loads than you can cope with at present? Perhaps our Dino will offer a solution! Look on for more information or contact us directly.

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