Dino Light for coarse raw materials of Theo Pouw Group

The finesse of the Dino is not always necessary to convey coarse raw materials such as sand, cement or bauxite. For this reason Van Beek also offers the choice of the ‘Dino Light’ type, a basic bulk truck loader. Our Dino Light proved to be the ideal solution for the Theo Pouw Group because speed, convenience and safety are very important to them.

“The loading time of our bulk trailer was too long”, explains Hans Kortekaas of Theo Pouw Group. The company produces and supplies primary and secondary raw materials such as concrete. Roel Kneepkens, sales manager at Van Beek, adds to what Kortekaas says: “First of all the machine was running once a week, now it is four to five time a day. With such an increased intensity of loading it has become necessary to do this faster, more easily and more safely.”

Theo Pouw Group visited Van Beek in person to see what was involved. “We were welcomed and given a tour with a good explanation”, Kortekaas recalls. Following this the raw materials storage and transfer company decided to buy a bulk truck loader from Van Beek.

Dino Light for coarse raw materials
“Based on what Theo Pouw Group stated it needed, a configuration was drawn up and offered”, says Kneepkens. The choice fell on the Dino Light. Where the ‘ordinary’ Dino is equipped with many options, aimed at cleaning and internal inspection of the machine for example for the food industry, the Dino Light is a simplified version for coarse raw materials, such as gravel or sand. All ‘the bells and whistles’ are omitted here.

For example compared with the standard design the Light version does not have a hydraulic cylinder that can be raised and lowered at the press of a button. There is also no fold-out cover over the whole length of the housing, no ladder and this version has a simplified switch cabinet.

Light but still quality
“Some companies do not need the accessories that the Dino has. By removing these options we make a bulk truck loader at a reduced price, that still has the high Van Beek quality”, explains Kneepkens. “For example steel instead of the SS design if the machine is not cleaned with water or is not used for food.”

Extra swivelling wheel
The customized Dino Light was in its new place at Theo Pouw within the twelve week deadline. However it soon became clear that the extra option with a swivelling wheel with a blocking pin was needed instead of the fixed wheels. These were bought afterwards as an accessory. “The great thing about the Dino Light is that we are not stuck with a particular form. We can always build further on the existing design on the machine.”

Additions not always possible
The Dino Light can be equipped with new expansion rims that meet the new guidelines better. A dust unit can also be fitted if this considerably improves the process. “Our service does not stop on delivery of the machine. The client always receives the best possible solution for their problem.”

Full satisfaction
“Cooperation went smoothly and during the process we received clear information about the current situation.” Kneepkens agrees, “The process went without any hitches. We delivered the Dino Light as agreed and there were also no complaints. I can therefore look back on great cooperation.”

Interested in a Dino Light?
Would you like to know more about the Dino? Discover our varied range of bulk truck loaders on our Dino website. Or call into Van Beek and discover what solutions we offer for your problem.




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