Van Beek lump breaker pulverizes lumps very quickly

Ideal solution to prevent agglomeration in product

Van Beek has developed a robust lump breaker for reducing clumps, lumps or agglomerations in the food or chemical industry. For a growing number of manufacturers the lump or clump breaker has now become a vital component at the start of their process line.

The lump breaker can deal effectively with lump formation or agglomerations, for example turning them to powder. Before it passed through the more sensitive machines further on in the process, the lump breaker crushes everything that is bigger than a couple of granules stuck together.

Removing blockages in the process line

This efficient machine has already saved the day for manufacturers in various ways. For example, when lumps blocking a rotary valve were continually causing stoppages in their process. Since the lump breaker was installed upstream this no longer happens.

Better dissolution in mixing tank

The lump breaker is also ideally suited to pulverizing lumps so they dissolve better in a mixing tank, such as for example clumps/lumps of sugar going to the mixing tank.


The product to be reduced falls through a chute onto rotating pins. These are sturdy round bars that rotate above a grating. The operation is as simple as it is efficient; nothing passes through the grating without being crushed. The customer can decide the mesh width himself. Van Beek uses product tests to determine what type of grating is most suitable for your process.


Van Beek can supply a customised lump breaker. The machine is available in SS304 and SS316 and has an installation height of around 400 millimetres. The lump breaker is supplied as a component to be installed between other components. The machine can be supplied in various voltages. A version suitable for ATEX is also available. As an option the lump breaker can also be built on a rail which simplifies cleaning. 

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