From first year trainee to Sales Support

Anyone calling Van Beek usually has a good chance of getting Birgit on the line. However in recent months she has been away on maternity leave. On 18 August she gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Maud.

Maud’s brother, Job, was 3 on 22 August. So it is not something entirely new for Birgit. From next 4 December she will be supporting our team again. Is that a difficult transition? “Well, it will be nice to do something other than changing nappies and making up bottles. Just to use your brain again,” she says. Until then, Birgit will be enjoying her time at home. “Until I have to go back to work I shall just enjoy Maud and Job, before you know it they will be 18.

Immediately after her secretarial training she started with Celsius, but in ten years her responsibilities have greatly expanded, particularly into sales (support) and marketing for Van Beek.

“My first introduction to Van Beek was in 2003, I had my very first work experience with the training executive secretary/management assistant at Van Beek. After my training I started work with Celsius as a secretary and then focussed more and more on sales/marketing. I now arrange trade fairs and organise events such as the ‘Solids Select Lunch’ that Van Beek has organised for many years in cooperation with the BULK trade journal. I am also responsible for our newsletter that is published roughly once every six weeks and for the last 3 years I have been issuing quotations for screws. Later on this also included spare parts. “In short, my working days are never the same and I am still learning all the time.”

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