Railway wagons and tall containers easy to fill with new Dino XXL

Goods can now be screened at the last moment before transfer

Two new versions of the Dino® bulk truck loader now make it easier to load taller (square) storage silos such as railway wagons and containers. These XL and XXL Dinos from Van Beek were initially developed at the request of two customers. They do however seem to be the solution that so many customers were looking for that the Dinos have been added to the standard range.

The XL and XXL Dinos are an extended version of the Dino that Van Beek has been producing for some time already. The standard Dino has a delivery height of 4.2 metres, but the XL can reach up to 5 metres and the XXL even to 6 metres. It is now also possible to screen a product after passing the outlet side. Because of the extra height obtained there is in fact also room to fit a vibrating screen or rotary screen.

Filling tall square silos an interesting challenge

The new Dinos were developed to meet two customer requests. A site of Katoen Natie in the US needed a mobile loader of this type to load plastic granule pellets into railway wagons. The cube shape of the wagons meant that the frame of the inclined feed screw of the normal Dino would collide with the upper edges of the wagon. For this reason a higher outlet of the Dino was needed. The parent company, Katoen Natie in Antwerp, has had good contact with Van Beek for many years and asked if they could come up with a solution.

This was an interesting job for Van Beek. “Dinos were already used for loading for example square containers, but never in this specific application, which requires a greater delivery height”, explains Roel Kneepkens, Sales Engineer at Van Beek. The XL Dino ensures that the wagons can now be loaded without problems. This Dino is also suitable for loading other taller tanks or silos.

The different power grid in the US was not a challenge for Van Beek. The company has already supplied hundreds of Dinos worldwide and so knows what they are doing when it comes to making adjustments for a different power grid. The XL Dino is supplied with a gear motor that is suitable for the American power grid (575V 60Hz).

As for the XXL Dino, the extra height is achieved by extending the screw. The frame with the wheels on which the construction stands can as a result remain low on the ground, so these Dinos are just as accessible, easy to clean and easy to maintain as their smaller brothers.

High, higher, highest

The XXL Dino was developed for Nuttens Services in France, a service provider in the area of packaging, processing and transporting food in powder form. Nuttens wanted a screen with several screen layers, a vibrating screen, to use on the outlet side. By suspending a screen under the Dino the ultimate discharge point is lowered. To keep the discharge point at the same height, the Dino therefore had to be raised.

“By fitting this screen as late as possible in the loading process you know for sure that no foreign bodies can get into the bulk wagon”, explains Kneepkens. The XXL Dino is used to load gluten and the screen must remove any impurities that do not belong there. “This may be anything from nails and pieces of wood to cigarettes.”

Because the Dino would fall over due to the weight of the screen, a separate bridge-shaped platform has been developed for the screen that is connected to the Dino. The whole assembly is still mobile and the operator can also stand on this platform to check the top of the bulk wagon and open manholes.

Big loading capacity and easy to clean

Both machines have a loading capacity of 40 m³ per hour and are made from SS304. If required the seals and sealing rings can be FDA approved. The Dinos then meet the requirements of the food industry. A cover on the top of the screw makes inspection and cleaning of the inside very easy. Extension rims enable a big bag to be placed on it directly so that the fork life truck driver can immediately go off to fetch a new big bag.

Warm welcome for new Dinos

Van Beek expects the new members of the Dino family to get a warm welcome. “Anyone who wants a screen on the outlet side is best to use an XL or XXL”, says Kneepkens. “That also applies for users who are not loading round bulk wagons but containers or railway wagons. They are nice reliable machines for transferring loads from big bag, bagged goods or shovel (bulk) to bulk wagons or containers.”



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