Bremat Holland BV demands full flexibility in screw conveyors

Bremat from ’s-Hertogenbosch has in recent years frequently obtained various screw conveyors from Van Beek for their fully automatic mobile mortar mixing installations. Their variable demand fits in extremely well with Van Beek’s flexibility and results in constant purchasing.

Solution for variable demand

Bremat has been buying screw conveyors from Van Beek for 22 years already. Since 2009 they have been working together more intensively. Alexander Tinus, sales engineer at Bremat, explains why: “We changed over to Van Beek for our screw conveyors because we were dissatisfied with our screw supplier at the time. Our requirements varied more in terms of lengths and type of drives. We also needed a high level of delivery reliability, since on average one truck leaves the production hall every week and we can do without any delay due to the screws. Roel Kneepkens of Van Beek offered us a solution here that was exactly what we needed. We were and still are very happy with Van Beek’s service and flexibility”.

Fast, safe and dust-free transport of cement powder and EPS granules

Bremat uses the screw conveyors for the fast, safe and dust-free conveyance of cement powder. The conveyors are also used to carry EPS granules, or expanded polystyrene beads. The screws leave virtually no residual product behind and are easy to clean. An additional advantage is that they have a long life and require little maintenance.

The designs for Bremat are trough and pipe conveyors in different lengths. These are made to measure and designed of steel with a black coating. The trough conveyor removes the product from the compartment, then the pipe conveyor or tubular conveyor carries the product to the mixer. Bremat usually orders a series of ten units at a time. Alexander Tinus stresses “My experience with Van Beek is super! The Van Beek staff help us think through our requirements and are honest. I can’t call it anything else. That applies not only for sales, but also for the people from planning and work preparation. And we can consult the ‘spare part list’ and look at the drawings of conveyors supplied easily on the Van Beek website”.

About Bremat Holland BV

full flexibility in screw conveyors Bremat specialises in the development and production of fully automatic mobile installations for mixing and pumping sand cement and self-levelling floor compounds. Bremat also offers solutions for mixing and pumping among other things cellular concrete and EPS insulation mortar. Bremat’s head office is in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This is where among other things assembly, service and development of new products are carried out. Bremat also has a plant in Hungary where production of parts and logistics operations such as storage and transshipment and international transport are carried out.

Bremat Holland BV is a company that in 1963 was the first to market the floor screed mixer transport machine. In 2000 Bremat developed the first machine for the automatic production and transport of traditional sand cement floor screeds. After this in 2004 came the first fully automated fluid screed installation for laying self-levelling fluid floor screeds.

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