Customised feed screw convinces milk powder manufacturer

Van Beek helps Premier Tech Chronos to solve technical issue

It is not usually difficult to adjust the feed for a vertical dosing screw. Because of the very limited space a big milk powder manufacturer in Switzerland did however need a little of the expertise that only Van Beek Schroeftransport can provide. “Van Beek was really helpful in thinking through practical solutions with us”, says Jeroen van der Velden of Premier Tech Chronos.

Premier Tech Chronos is a well-known company that installs process lines for packaging (milk) powders all over the world. In the past 15 years the company has already purchased over a hundred Van Beek screw conveyors. The project in Switzerland was an exceptional situation because the process line was installed in existing premises with very limited space.

Little space

A feed screw had to fill a vertical dosing screw. Because of the limited space Van Beek was not able to install the feed screw horizontally, so the feed had to be carried out at an angle. “It also had to be possible to clean the screw, but there was no space for cleaning hatches”, says Van der Velden.”

Customised solution

Van Beek therefore proposed a screw that slides right out. “With horizontal transport we fit the screw on rails and you can slide it out by hand”, says Verhoeven. “But if the screw is upright it would fall out as soon as the operator unfastens the screw. That would be around two hundred kilos coming down. So to ensure that one person can remove the screw safely, we suggested a hand winch “, says Verhoeven.

Easy to clean

It is very important for this screw to be easy to clean because the process line processes different products. “For example you don’t want cheese powder in your milk powder “, Verhoeven explains.

Promising set-up

Van Beek also suggested an adjustment to the dosing screw so that it would connect properly to the feed screw. “Van Beek’s first set-up looked very promising and we got to work on this “, says Van der Velden.

From A to B, and so on

“We communicated with Van Beek and the customer with 3D drawings to achieve the best result for the customer “, says Van der Velden. Ultimately the client discussed Premier Tech Chronos’s offer. “Van Beek also provided a good customised solution this time too. It is one thing to convey something from A to B, but Van Beek also helped us think through how best to connect its screw conveyor to B.”

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