New step makes Dino mobile bulk truck loader more ergonomic and safer

Ergonomic products prevent hazardous working conditions and reduced labour productivity. Ergonomics is held in high regard at Van Beek and we continue to offer our products fitted with the latest developments in this area. This is why Marleen Verschoor, Mechanical Engineer at Van Beek, has worked on the present step for bulk truck loaders and was able to transform them into an even safer, more ergonomic and attractive successor.

The old step still dates from the time of the very first Dino. There have never been any complaints and according to Van Beek the step has always functioned extremely well. But it was time to give it a new look, so that it would no longer detract from the modern look that the bulk truck loader has been given in recent years. “An additional platform has been provided above the step, to make it safer for the operator. Previously you had to operate the hand winch of the loading bellows from the top step. There was room for improvement here, because you first had to hang halfway through the step. Now it has been ergonomically improved and the loading bellows can be operated easily from the platform above the step”, says Verschoor.

Firmer and more stable
Furthermore the platform is not the only improvement in the area of safety. The steps are also now longer, to give more room for the foot and the operator has a firmer and stable footing. Verschoor says, “This hand winch is an option, but because certainly three quarters of our bulk truck loaders are equipped with a loading bellows, we have also decided to improve this immediately.” For the new design the Mechanical Engineer looked for cooperation with an industrial designer, so there is also something for the eye. “Thanks to the designer the lines of the step railing are now more streamlined, it is along the same lines as the Dino. He went to work with our wishes and the existing step. I have taken a look at other safety aspects and made the steps longer”, says Verschoor.

Old step still available
Although all the new Dino models will soon be fitted as standard with the new step, the old model is still available. “Suppose there are customers who purchased a new bulk truck loader last year and want to order exactly the same thing again, they can still have the old step”, says Verschoor. Due to the smart use of the same assembly points it is also possible to fit the new step on Dinos that have been supplied previously.

The new step is at present in the development phase, which will be followed by a thorough testing period. Verschoor expects there to be minimal adjustments after testing, which means that the step will be available from May.

Are you interested in a new step for your Dino? Then contact us via or by telephone on +31 416 37 52 25.

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