New Machinery Directive 2010 also in force at Van Beek

The new European Machinery Directive has been in force since 29 December 2009. This Directive specifies that a constructor of partly complete machines incorporated in production lines or final machines must comply with more stringent requirements. A screw conveyor is almost always a partly complete machine; Van Beek fully meets this standard and has largely automated the administrative obligations.


According to the new Machinery Directive a screw conveyor system is a ‘partly complete machine’ and Van Beek as the constructor, just like the constructors of ‘stand-alone’ machines and production lines must carry out a risk assessment and compile a technical file. In addition an installation declaration must be prepared and supplied together with an installation manual with the machine.


This new situation has a number of advantages for you as a buyer of a screw conveyor as a partly complete machine (which you usually install yourself or have installed by Van Beek). As constructor of the final product/installation, Van Beek supplies you with the compulsory information for the partly complete product (the screw conveyor system). You can add this information directly to your technical file, which you have to prepare under the Machinery Directive for your final installation. The responsibility for a risk assessment or safety analysis also lies entirely with Van Beek.

Customised documentation

The amendment of the Machinery Directive requires a substantial adaptation of the procedure within most companies. Van Beek anticipated this in good time and in early 2009 already started adapting and optimising all its automation. As a result Van Beek is the only company within the sector that is able to generate specific documentation directly when delivering a screw conveyor system. The customised documentation contains a specific installation declaration, spare part list, a customised installation manual and user manual. The installation manual and the installation declaration are supplied with the conveyor in both written and digital form. Finally the complete technical file is archived by Van Beek. In short, Van Beek takes its responsibility seriously and by this approach provides a further service for its customers.

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