SpeedClean contributes to a better, easier and faster cleaning process

The pharmaceutical, cosmetic and meat and food processing industries are continually tightening up their hygiene standards. Specifically for this sector, Van Beek has developed an innovative, patented cleaning technique for screws to clean both screw conveyors and screw heat exchangers quickly, properly and easily. The SpeedClean contributes efficiently to working according to in-house hygiene standards as well as the statutory general hygiene directives.

To comply with the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements applicable for the process industry and to minimise the chance of contamination, proper cleaning of machines is crucially important. Unfortunately not all the components are readily accessible, so cleaning screw conveyors can at times be seen as a labour intensive job. Thanks to Van Beek’s SpeedClean, those times are now over!

Better, easier and faster
The innovative SpeedClean technique not only ensures a faster cleaning process, the inspection of the screw can also be carried out even better and more easily. Peter Verhoeven, sales engineer at Van Beek, has been involved in the development of SpeedClean from the outset: “For safety reasons the screw first has to stop before the housing can be opened, that has not changed. The traditional cleaning method is very labour intensive. After opening the housing it is often the parts of the screw conveyor at the back that are difficult to reach for cleaning and inspection work. Look at it like cleaning bicycle spokes: you cannot get into everywhere smoothly in one movement. A screw conveyor is no different, but that is a thing of the past with the SpeedClean technique!”

Fully tippable
The screw conveyor is easy to disconnect by removing the connection to the inlet. In one vertical movement the screw lifts into the cleaning position, including bearings and seals. According to Verhoeven the unique feature of the user-friendly and ergonomically SpeedClean developed is that after opening the housing the screw as a whole can be tipped out. “The parts in contact with the product, the bottom bin, top bin and screw can thus be separated from one another. Cleaning and checking of the machine can therefore not only be carried out more quickly than before, but also more thoroughly”, says the sales engineer.

Always correct alignment
After cleaning, the screw drops back into the housing. “The client can choose to carry out this task manually, but for the heavier, larger screws we recommend fitting the SpeedClean with a motor. That is the good thing about customised work!”, says Verhoeven, who tells us that irrespective of the choice, the screw can always be replaced in the housing in the correct alignment.

Want to know more?
The SpeedClean was designed by Van Beek’s in-house Research & Development team and we are therefore proud that this new, innovative technique has now been patented. Are you curious about how exactly the SpeedClean works? In the animation below we would like to show you how our patented cleaning technique for screws can also be an efficient addition for you.

Questions? Just contact Peter Verhoeven one of his colleagues from the sales team via +31 (0)416 37 52 25, they will be pleased to tell you more.


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