Van Beek remains on the board of Machevo

Director Perry Verberne sees an important task as champion of the process industry

Perry Verberne, general manager of Van Beek, has joined the board of the Machevo & Bulk Association. He follows in the footsteps of the director owner of Van Beek, who thought it was time for new blood on the board. The change in the board took place during the General Members’ Meeting of the association on 7 December last in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Verberne sees many opportunities for Machevo that he would like to utilise.

Verberne himself is still reasonably ‘new’ to in the process industry, the sector in which the members of Machevo operate. “I come from the energy world and two years ago made a new start in this sector with Van Beek “, he explains. “I have learned a lot about this ballgame in a short time, where I have met many competitors. I have of course also come into contact with Machevo.”

Why have you taken a seat on the board?

“Van Beek is a company that likes to lead the way. We also show this by our support for the association. Many of our customers are involved in Machevo. With the departure of our director owner from the board I felt it was attractive and logical to continue our involvement and commitment. I would like to contribute my knowledge of administrative matters to Machevo and it is a wonderful opportunity to make contact with companies in the sector. I also see this as a fast track opportunity to find out more about our sector. This is an added value for myself and for Van Beek.”

What is your view of Machevo?

“In the short time that I have been involved in Machevo, I have seen many examples that may be of great added value for all the members. Participation in exhibitions, excursions, the General Members’ Meeting, the annual sector inquiry all become more useful as more members participate… As a Machevo member you get a lot back. A lot more companies could make use of this.

Initially I found it hard to understand what exactly Machevo stood for. The association can present itself more clearly and better to the sector than it is now doing. I hope that I can contribute to making it clear to everyone what Machevo does and what its purpose is. I would be very pleased to put my ideas for creating added value for Machevo with the other board members.”

What will be your task at Machevo?

“My future role within the board is at present under discussion. It will in any case be a role that is in line with my conviction: make the sector familiar with the knowledge and expertise of our members.”

Why do you think that is so important?

“We are now offering our members networking opportunities, together with participation in fairs and excursions. These are of course important activities that clearly give the members useful connections and ultimately hard Euros. But what is too often forgotten is that Machevo is also a strong champion.

Being a champion cannot be expressed in figures. Because it cannot be measured precisely, it is all too often seen as unnecessary. But for the sector as a whole being a champion is crucial. By presenting ourselves as specialists in our field, we rightly give the end users in the process industry the feeling that that they are working with the right suppliers.

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