Van Beek’s Liner Filler fills container liners very fast

Van Beek screw system makes 20ft containers ideal for bulk transport

We developed the Liner Filler for very fast loading of bulk goods into 20ft containers. This screw conveyor, also called a container filling screw, is very fast; a container liner is 85% full in less than half an hour!

20 ft containers ideal for bulk transport

Fitted with a liner (a sort of big bag that lines the inside of the container) containers are ideal for the transport of bulk goods from far-flung places: an efficient use of space because they are not round and are easy to transport by truck, rail or ship.

Liner Filler eliminates only disadvantage

There was really only one disadvantage: container liners can only be filled via a relatively small hole on the front of the bag and not all logistics companies have the facilities for this. The Van Beek Liner Filler is a cost efficient solution for this, without using pneumatic air or conveyor belts.


Operation is as easy as it is efficient. The Liner Filler is a horizontally installed screw conveyor on a (mobile) platform, fed from an inlet hopper or opening installed above it. This inlet hopper can be filled from a silo, a Dino bulk truck loader, with bags or a shovel. The installation can be fitted as an option with wheels so that a forklift truck can move it.

A truck with a 20 ft container reverses so that the screw slides into the opening of the liner. Thanks to a construction lamp operated via the switch cabinet, this is also possible in bad weather. A filling detector is fitted at the end of the screw.

Proven in practice

The Liner Filler has already proved itself in practice when loading granulates (plastic granules), powders (such as flour), catalyst and flakes. In particular the plastics processing and food industry are grateful to make use of the options that this special screw conveyor offers.

Alternative method with XL Dino

For companies who have the option and space to stand containers vertically we have another alternative filling method. The XL version of the Dino bulk truck filler with its dump height of more than 6 metres is in fact long enough to fill a vertical 20 ft container from the top.

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