Screw conveyors undergo durability test at Veolia Polymers

Van Beek screws have been transporting plastic grinding stock 24/7 for two decades

Veolia Polymers in Vroomshoop has been subjecting Van Beek screw conveyors to the ultimate durability test for over two decades. The screws operate day and night to transport and homogenise plastic grinding stock. Van Beek has recently overhauled tens of its own screws in the plant.

“We still choose Van Beek because of their high quality and customer-oriented solutions “, says Thomas Boerrigter, Head of Technical Service at the company. “All the jacking systems at Veolia Polymers have been supplied by Van Beek to our satisfaction for years.”

Fully written off years ago

The screws that Van Beek has replaced had been written off a long time ago. “We have made the replacement interval as long as possible and so they went on operating long after being written off. But still in one piece after fifteen years due to faithful service, they were due for preventive replacement “, explained Peter Verhoeven, sales engineer at Van Beek.

The new screw conveyors have a number of attractive improvements compared with the screws that Van Beek installed more than a decade ago. “In recent years we have gone even further in the wear-resistant direction. A few critical parts have been improved so the screw conveyors last even longer “, explains Verhoeven.

Less work due to cutting blades in the chute

The intake of bulk goods is also easier with these screws. “The new screw conveyors have a chute with cutting blades. The fork lift truck driver drops a bigbag into the chute and can immediately remove the empty bigbag to collect the next one. The bigbag pushes itself onto the cutting blades by its own weight and so opens itself. The fork lift truck driver therefore need do nothing more to cut the bag open. This works more quickly and safely.”

Numerous applications in one plant

The screw conveyors are used among other things to homogenise and transport plastic grinding stock. The plant makes small granules here for injection moulding. The screw conveyors transport the granules to enormous mixing silos with a screw in the centre to homogenise the granules. From the mixing silo another screw conveyor transfers the granules to a dosing unit above an extruder.

Satisfied client ‘forgets’ screw conveyors

Most screws cannot be seen from outside. “What we actually want to achieve is that our clients forget that they have these screws. If you do not know that you have them, this really means that you have never have problems with them”, explains Verhoeven.

‘Very positive and customer-oriented’

“We have again found our cooperation with Van Beek to be very positive and customer-oriented”, says Boerrigter. “Van Beek is a really reliable partner with whom we work well.”

Veolia Polymers was created in 1992, when the Aufderhaar brothers set up Aufderhaar Kunststof Group (AKG). The brand-new factory was burned down shortly after opening, but the brothers were not discouraged and quickly and successfully rebuilt the factory.

Initially the company focussed mainly on making all sorts of materials from recycled plastic. For example it made plastic posts, clothes hangers and flowerpots. At present the focus lies more on processing plastic waste into plastic granules in certain colours and compositions for injection moulding.

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