Seizing opportunities in the emerging Spanish economy

Anyone looking for cooperation abroad does not immediately think of Spain. The economy is not known as robust and Spanish companies do not often look for cooperation outside their own borders. However Van Beek has already been working successfully for two years with its Spanish agent Codols, a company specialised in handling and processing solids (in particular powders and granules).

The challenging economic situation in Spain acts as a driving force for Codols, explains managing partner of Codols Martí i Mateo. Companies want to improve their process but are reticent when it comes to investing. “It is therefore important to show the client that an investment in such product processing quickly pays for itself.”

What are the market expectations in Spain and Portugal?
“After a few years recession the market is now beginning to recover. Most demanding clients are now beginning to think about acquiring solutions that add value to their present way of working.”

What challenges do you see in the near future?
“Our clients have increasingly extensive wishes. It is important that we provide a dynamic and complete vision of their challenge. It is clear to us, but it must also be clear to the client that our innovations lead to process optimisation. The most important thing remains that a challenge for the client is also a challenge for us and that we make valuable proposals for a process oriented market that is constantly evolving.”

What are the needs of Spanish and Portuguese end users of your products?
“The most important wish of our clients is to get a reliable product, at an efficient price in relation to what the market is prepared to pay. This is why we do our utmost to deliver a sound product. For Codols it is essential to gain and keep the confidence of a company that we want to work with.

From the design phase we are one hundred percent focussed on being able to supply the client with exactly the right custom work. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the client’s success. We do this by improving their process by increasing their efficiency, sustainability and reliability.”

What are the dos and don’ts in business transactions in Spain?
“In Spain personal attention where warm contact with the relation is constantly maintained is highly valued. As a company you must always be ready to give advice. By knowing the client well, we know what his needs are and what intrinsic properties each project has. As a result we can help our clients take the right decision.
The solution we provide must meet the short term needs and the investment that the client makes must quickly pay for itself. Also the medium term needs must be met, although these are often unpredictable.”

What in your view is the main difference between the Spanish and Dutch markets?
“The Spanish market is still very closed, certainly if you compare it with countries like the Netherlands, which are much more open. However, I do notice that generally more cooperation with other companies is looked for. More and more joint ventures are being entered into. The success of this cooperation and the growing opportunities for this contribute to this increase.”
What advantages and disadvantages do you experience in cooperating with Dutch companies?
“We very much appreciate the added value of cooperation with companies from different countries. The synergy created by having a good team in the Netherlands cooperate with a good team in Spain can considerably improve the end result. In the Netherlands we work with Van Beek and Lindor (a company with years of specialisation in mixing machines) and in both cases we are very satisfied with the results.”

How do you like working with Van Beek?
After over two years, I can say that entering into this commitment it was a very good decision. We are very proud of this cooperation. For example with the Dino bulk loader we can serve clients in all sorts of different sectors because the Dino can load a wide range of bulk materials.

Thanks to this type of reliable technology and the good cooperation between Van Beek and Codols we have already completed various projects to the benefit of everyone. We hope that we can continue to bring this technology to Spanish companies for many years!”

What advice do you have for Dutch companies who want to do business in Spain?
“Although the Spanish economic situation is only slowly improving, it is certainly advisable to get in now. Our economy has not yet fully recovered, but as can already be seen in the medium and long term there will be everything to gain.”

About Codols Technology S.L.
Codols is was set up in 2009. The company from Barcelona supplies technological solutions for handling and processing solid granular and powdered products. The company supplies special equipment and systems for transporting, dosing, weighing, unloading, filling, mixing, grinding, drying or cutting these products.

Codols wants to meet the needs of its clients with the best technological solutions. Innovation, sustainability and profitability are the starting points for this. The employees have extensive experience in the process industry and in the development and integration of systems for handling granular and powdered products.

The company delivers its products to the chemical, pharmaceutical, minerals, plastics and food industries. Codols represents various international companies including Dino from Van Beek, Lindor, Matcon, Ingetecsa, Kason, Pallmann, Italvacuum, Advanced Cyclone Systems, Scholz, Micromacinazione, Extract Technology, Schrage, IIT and ICF-Welko Laborsave.

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