Better design drawings thanks to welding course

To increase our knowledge of different welding techniques our Van Beek Academy organised a theoretical welding course. Participants also included employees who draw designs in the office.

“It is of course easier for everyone if the designers know what facilities are available in production and what are not”, explains head of production Frank. “What is drawn there during work preparation has to be carried out in production. This is not always as easy in practice as it is in theory. With this joint course we got to know one another’s work area better.”


Project manager Marleen Verschoor agrees with Frank. “My job is to draw the designs in the office. These are then carried out in the factory. This course helped us value one another’s work more and we were again reminded that you create a project as a team.”

The course is part of the Van Beek Academy and so increases knowledge about different welding techniques. Joost van den Hooven is director of electrofusion welding company Elektrolas Lastechniek BV and organised the course in cooperation with Van Beek. “Together we defined the objectives of the course. During the three sessions matters such as welding method description, welder certification, relevant standards, welding processes and knowledge of materials were discussed.”

Van Beek and Elektrolas Lastechniek BV are associated with one another as partners in the field of welding technology. According to Joost, it is good to organise a precisely tailored course for Van Beek. “The good thing is that people from the shop floor and people from the office discuss everyday things in the classroom. This is instructive for both parties and hopefully increases their understanding of one another’s problems.”

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