Dino buy-back scheme a sustainable success for the last three decades

For at least thirty years the processing market has been profiting from our sustainable buy-back scheme for Dino bulk truck loaders. This scheme is so successful thanks to the distinctive robustness and value retention of this mobile stand-alone machine. “Companies rush in when we offer a refurbished Dino, because they are cheap to buy and circular.”

There are a number of reasons why a Dino starts a second, third or even fourth life. “For example if a company is switching over to manufacturing a different product and no longer wants a steel but a stainless steel version. Or if the production volume changes and so does the size of the Dino. Other examples are product changes during the process for which a hygienic design is needed. Such companies look at their Dino and think: what a shame just to get rid of it after years of reliable service,” says Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek. “And that doesn’t have to happen, as Van Beek has been buying back its Dinos for at least thirty years.”

High-quality re-use
Kneepkens himself comes along to see it if a used Dino offered, is located within 500 kilometres of Van Beek (in Drunen, the Netherlands). “A customer often also sends photos and videos from which I can gather a lot of information. If we have an agent in the country in question, they will then go and take a look. Then we discuss this using photos, videos and Skype.”

This is how Van Beek assesses the condition of the machine. “We assess what needs to be overhauled and determine the purchase value. We make the owner a financial proposal. If he agrees, we arrange and pay for the transport to Drunen where our factory is located, the administrative processing and a thorough overhaul. We handle the entire process for the old owner”, says Kneepkens.

The overhaul consists of a thorough clean, a full check of its operation and replacement of any worn parts. Kneepkens continues: “Van Beek does justice to high-quality re-use, which means that we can offer the market a refurbished Dino in tiptop condition, including a one year guarantee.”

Cheap and sustainable
It is a double-edged sword says Kneepkens. “The owner of a Dino has the assurance at the time of purchase that he can also dispose of his machine again. He receives a fair price for his used Dino and can immediately re-invest this amount in his business. Or if he buys a new Dino, he can immediately deduct it from his new purchase. The new owner receives a fantastic machine for a much lower price than if he bought a brand-new Dino.”

This scheme is very popular particularly with start-ups. “They have much less starting capital to get their business off the ground. And the big price difference between a new Dino and a refurbished machine gives companies who, for example, want an extra Dino for transporting different products, a chance of developing further. For Van Beek itself the sustainability aspect weighs heavily here: in this way we are extending the life of our machines and helping to make the process industry more sustainable. We also keep up with where our great machines are being used and maintain a feel for the market.”

Second life, even after 19 years
The overhaul work that a Dino needs to be marketed as a refurbished machine, is normally not significant. “But I won’t quickly forget the Dino that was offered in Korea,” says Kneepkens. “The Korean company was changing over from a steel machine to stainless steel after nineteen years and wanted to sell its steel Dino. However the motor had been damaged they said and it had an oil leak. We had to dismantle this Dino almost completely to clean it! After that we replaced the motor drive with a new one. But even such a severely battered machine that had already served for almost twenty years was given a second life and is being used weekly by its new owner.”


A lot of demand
Kneepkens knows that such a second life can quickly start. “A refurbished Dino can be delivered after one or two weeks, where for a new machine this would take twelve weeks. That is a very practical advantage. The only disadvantage is that your company has a limited choice of refurbished machines: you are dependent on what is on offer.”

However this does not reduce the demand; a refurbished Dino is never in between owners for more than a month. Kneepkens ads: “Companies in the process market keep a close eye on our refurbished sales channel and rush in when a refurbished Dino is offered. We put this offer on Facebook and it can be found via my account: www.facebook.com/mrbulktruckload. Otherwise I draw it to the attention of potential clients when they call or email.”

We have been operating a buy-back guarantee on all our screw conveyors with the concept ‘Van Beek Refurbished’ since 1 December 2018 and Kneepkens expects there will also be a lot of demand for these high-quality refurbished machines. “Surplus Select, the company with which Van Beek is working on this, will be busy”, he predicts.

Would you like to know if there is a refurbished Dino available for your process? Or would you like to register your Dino for the buy-back scheme? Call Roel Kneepkens on +31 (0)416 375225 or email him on Kneepkens@dino.nl.

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