Dino has a dust solution for any load

The Dino mobile bulk truck loader is mobile to use and can load quickly, simply and safely. But how does it actually perform as regards preventing dust forming during loading? Does a mobile bulk truck loader actually have solutions for this? Van Beek has decades of experience as regards loads and over that time the company has developed numerous innovative solutions.

Can be used on any Dino
A particular property of all these solutions is that they can be used on any Dino, even if it is a decade old. Van Beek has in fact developed modules that can be attached to any Dino.

The cheapest and most effective way
The loading bellows on the outlet side of the Dino is by far the most popular means of reducing dust. This can be connected quickly, safely and efficiently to the manhole on the top of a bulk truck and for a small investment eliminates a lot of dust development.

More savings with extraction unit
The loading bellows can be connected to an extraction unit. This creates a negative pressure in the loading compartment and so fewer fines or small particles escape during loading.

The next logical step in dust reduction is to connect the inlet hopper of the Dino to the extraction unit. The unit immediately extracts most of the dust that is released when emptying big bags or 25 kg bags.

Operation of dust filters
The extraction unit extracts the dust through a row of filters. At set times a blast of air passes through the filters, this knocks out the dust which then falls into an easily removable collection bin underneath. To minimise product loss Van Beek can fit the filter unit above the body of the Dino and fit it with a rotary valve. The dust particles collected and knocked out of the baghouses then fall straight back into the product stream.

Up to 30 m² filter area
The standard Dino filter has a total area of 12 m². “In some cases a bigger filter area is wanted”, says Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek. “We have developed a module for this with a filter area of 30 m².”

Dust prevention for loading from big bags
Whether you are now loading from big bags, a shovel or 25 kg bags, the Dino has a suitable dust-reducing module for this application. For big bags with a flexible hose underneath Van Beek can fit the cover on the inlet hopper with a round hole into which the flexible hose fits precisely. In combination with an extraction unit this gives minimal dust development. Van Beek can fit the inlet hole with a flexible hose clamp for even less dust in the warehouse or logistics department.

For big bags with no flexible hose, Van Beek fits the inlet hopper, a sort of big open metal box, with cutters that cut a cross in the bottom of the big bag. The product then runs straight into the Dino, during which process a minimal amount of dust can escape.

Filling cabinet for smaller bags
For smaller bags the Dino can be extended with a lockable filling cabinet. The operator lays the bags on a screen and cuts them open. The product then falls straight into the Dino.

Can also be extended later
By working with modules, the Dino can also be adapted to new situations or requirements even years after its purchase. “For example we had a client who had bought a Dino 12 years ago to load granulates. They had now changed over to powders and this created a lot of dust. By fitting the Dino with dust extraction and a loading bellows the problem was solved in an instant”, says Kneepkens.

Demand for dust reduction growing
Due to more stringent requirements for the protection of personnel, according to Kneepkens clients are increasingly often extending the Dino they have already been using for years with dust-reducing modules. “You see fewer and fewer logistics departments where the personnel always wear a dust mask for their work because of dust clouds. Companies are doing all they can to reduce dust and by upgrading their Dino a great saving can be made for a low investment.”

Dino remains mobile
The strength of the Dino is that it is mobile and can load quickly, simply and safely. When developing the dust-reducing modules, Van Beek has taken great care that the Dino retains these positive properties even with its extensions. So even with an extraction unit or an extra-large filter area the Dino remains mobile, quick and safe.

Less dust in your company too?
If you are interested in how your company’s Dino can create a better work environment, then contact Van Beek on +31-(0)416-375225.



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