Bouman and Evoluon refine the atmosphere for fourth edition of Solids Select Lunch

The sleek and humorous presentation of economist and journalist Mathijs Bouman, provided a good atmosphere on 30 May last at the Solids Select Lunch. It was the fourth time that Van Beek and the trade journal Bulk had organised this special lunch for their partners and clients. As many as 52 interested people came together in a relaxed atmosphere to talk to people in the same field of work.

What certainly contributed to this open ambiance was the location that the organisers had chosen; the iconic dome of the Evoluon. The combination of speaker and location was the perfect invitation to get talking to one another.

Economy in a hilarious way
Bouman is among other things known as the editor of the Dutch news programme Nieuwsuur and a welcome guest of RTL-Z, the popular prime time talk show, De Wereld Draait Door and other news and current affairs programmes. “Bouman was an extremely good speaker who presented the relatively boring economy in a hilarious way”, reminisces Tim Heyden, Regional Sales Manager at Penko Engineering B.V.

Much discussion
According to organiser Jos Verleg, editor in chief at Eisma Media Group’s Bulk trade journal, Bouman made it a unique edition. “He is the best speaker of all the editions of the Solids Select Lunch. He covered a huge number of subjects on which there was much discussion by those present. This covered matters such as the housing market to international reflections on the economy. And he did all this in a humorous way.”

A tradition is born
“It is great fun for us to organise this special occasion once a year for our most important partners and clients”, says Perry Verberne, Director at Van Beek. “Now the fourth edition has taken place, it is really becoming a tradition. The Evoluon was an extra special location this year. The building is a highly innovative, which is also our focus at Van Beek.”

Futuristic ambiance
“There was a reason why such a striking location was chosen”, Verleg continues. “Every year we go for a top location, somewhere you can’t just walk into. Last year we chose a stunning castle in Vught. The special feature of the Evoluon is that it appeals very much to the imagination and has a futuristic ambiance. It is an immediate conversation starter.”

Lunch and good talks
Heyden attended the delicious and informal lunch for the second time. “The atmosphere was again very good. I have regular contact with Van Beek, so not to be talking about figures or business, is sometimes nice. This lunch is absolutely ideal for that.”

New approach works out well
This year it was decided to make the tables smaller. “During a lunch you want to chat to everyone at the table”, says Lida Meyers, organiser and account manager at Bulk. “It is much more flexible with five people at the table instead of eight. The choice of round tables instead of square was also good this year.” Organiser Birgit Klerkx-Schumacher from Van Beek adds: “to get even more interaction, those present changed tables between courses.”

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