Five interns on three projects

From this month Van Beek has five new interns in house: Lars, Django, Stijn, Mike and Robert. These students are working on three different projects in the field of IT, marketing and automation. All five hope to complete both their projects and their studies in the early summer.

Marketing plan
Mike Rijemer and Robert Worm aim to draw up a marketing plan for Van Beek in the coming months. “A great task” both men think. They are studying Technical Business Administration and at present are busy collecting data. Robert: “We have sent out a survey to gauge customer experience. We have already had almost 400 responses, so it is going well.”

What do customers really think about Van Beek? “Customers think quality is extremely important. Fortunately that is also what Van Beek stands for”, continues Mike. “With all the information we have recieved, we can draw up a sound marketing plan.”

There are a lot of internships to be found in engineering, but they quickly chose Van Beek. “We came in and immediately saw all the systems that are interconnected in the organisation”, says Mike. “As an Technical Business Administration student that is very impressive to see. So we very much wanted to get in here.” Robert agrees with this: “The assignment appealed to me, and particularly the company. We were given a tour of the factory which was very impressive. We were able to have a look at lots of companies, but the way things are here is something else.”

Development of app for customers
Lars Sluijter and Django van der Heijden, both IT Software Development students, are focussing in the coming months on an app for customers. “Van Beek at present has an app with which customers can get a good idea of the designs and models that Van Beek offers”, says Django. In the app are photos, PDF files and videos to inform customers. “Van Beek often works with designs and models that are very difficult to present. We want to improve this.” In recent weeks their attention was focussed on making prototypes. “And things are going in the right direction”, thinks Lars. “It will certainly be a success.”

Robot Arie
Stijn Leemreize was given the assignment of getting to work with the logistics robot, called Arie. The previous Arie was a logistics assistant who walked round the shop floor. If anything needed sorting out, Arie was called. Arie retired and was replaced by a robot. Robot Arie now goes round the factory with a pallet full of parts and visits everyone who calls him.

“The logistics robot works well”, says the Engineering student. “Now if you give Arie something, anyone can call him. He then takes half a minute and drives with your parts through the factory to the new location. We are now tweaking the design so he can leave a trolley in the destination and does not have to take all the parts with him.”

Stijn really likes the work atmosphere. “I hear ‘just do it, try it, watch what he is doing and change it’. You have lots of freedom, even as regards design. I can go my own way and once a week have a review. I am not dependent on anyone, but if I have any questions, I can approach anyone.”

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Van Beek is an experienced training company and often offers students the opportunity of a career in the company. For an internship place or a graduation assignment contact Marloes Verbeek via e-mail or telephone + 31(0)416 375225.

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