What do you mean, smart? The Dino 4.0 dashboard!

Digital is the language of Industry 4.0. Our answer is the smart bulk truck loader, aka Dino 4.0. Meanwhile, what can we tick off on our to-do list?

Paradise by the dashboard
Accessing Dino 4.0 data is always going to be easy. That’s what we are working hard to achieve with Dashboard 4.0. As the customer, you will have access to the digital panel using the unique login details. The configuration has been customised with a default view of insight into hour counter, active compressor and vibration measurements. Ordering spare parts for your bulk truck loader can be done directly from the dashboard.

Easy switch box control
One press of the emergency button and 30 seconds later we are alerted. We are increasingly able to monitor what is happening in the switch box so that we are can provide faster and more targeted assistance. Directly from our office in Drunen. And what if you need a technician? Naturally, they will visit you on-site.

Gateways containing the right programs
For correct data transfer, different networks need to communicate with each other. This is done through gateways, or interconnections. These now have the appropriate software installed, allowing data to flow smoothly from the Dino to the customer and to us, and vice versa.

Van Beek bulk truck loader features Dino 4.0.
Our ‘hot off the press’ Dinos can be equipped with sensors and a dedicated internet connection. This allows for continuous monitoring and analysing of the machines. Provided, of course, that this is what the customer wants.

No surprises during operation
Data analysis is becoming increasingly sophisticated. We want to tackle problems early and avoid triggering an alarm when in fact there is nothing wrong. With 25 smart Dinos operational at various locations, feedback from our customers and our own experience means we are making great strides.

The benefits of the smart Dino bulk truck loader
The smart Dino makes it possible to structurally reduce the cost of maintenance and replacements. A few examples:

  • Replacing bearings only when necessary, rather than periodically.
  • Replacing parts in a timely manner, thereby preventing breakdowns.
  • Reducing the need for an on-site technician by using remote assistance and advice.

Want to know more about the smart Dino? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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