Van Beek and sustainability

Saving energy, reuse and reducing CO₂ emissions are more important now than ever before: For you, for us, and for the environment. Together, we can achieve a greener process industry. Here you can read about Van Beek’s contribution to this aim.

Uniquely bespoke
Compared to other transport technology, screw conveyor transport is one of the most sustainable solutions for handling bulk goods. Energy consumption is very low compared to alternative transport options such as aero-mechanical conveyor transport. In addition, our customised screw conveyors are perfectly adaptable to the product and the environment in which they operate. Not only do they have a long initial life cycle, but they are often given a second or third life through our Refurbished programme.

Screw conveyors can reduce energy consumption, automate processes and are low maintenance. We carefully tailor all elements such as length, lift angle, speed, fill rate and capacity to the customer’s unique situation and objectives. As a result, screw conveyors contribute not only to a company’s increased efficiency, but also to its sustainability.

Sustainable production
Sustainability is our priority. Our own energy is generated by 1300 roof-mounted solar panels Our screw conveyors are manufactured with the least possible wastage of materials. Waste is disposed of for reuse, and we recycle wherever possible. Together with our partners, we ensure that environmental impact is minimised.

We are CO₂ neutral
Van Beek complies with scope 1 of the CO₂ footprint! This means that we both monitor our emissions and demonstrably reduce them by using solar panels, electric vehicles and heat recovery from air ventilation.

A product for life
Screw conveyors, screw heat exchangers and Dino bulk truck loaders are not disposed of until they are no longer viable, which, fortunately, is extremely rare. Van Beek products are genuinely custom-made, which means they experience very little wear and tear. We like to say that ‘A Van Beek screw conveyor is for life.’ High-quality products last longer, as proven by all our machines. We buy back Van Beek machines that are no longer required through our Refurbished programme. These machines receive a full overhaul by Van Beek. This gives our products a second or sometimes even a third life, with a warranty included.

Your request inspires our solution
Screw conveyors are our speciality. We design, manufacture, sell, install and maintain screw conveyor systems, bulk truck loaders and screw heat exchangers for the internal transport of solid, paste-like and/or sticky substances. Want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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