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Celsimix: developed for various difficult mixtures at a controlled temperature.

Celsius developed the Celsimix for applications that standard mixers in the food and chemical industry cannot cope with. It started as a project for mixing caramel and nuts, but in the meantime the chemical industry has also been grateful to use this special mixer.

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Screw heat exchangers

Looking for screw heat exchangers:

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Optimum hygiene for screw conveyance by patented ‘SpeedClean’ concept

Hygiene standards for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and meat and food processing industry are being continually tightened. The cleaning of machines is a priority to meet all the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements. The aim is to strive continuously and carefully for higher speed cleaning to save costs and claims. Van Beek has designed a patented innovative screw cleaning method for these specific sectors: the ‘SpeedClean’ concept that drastically speeds up and improves the cleaning of screw conveyor systems and makes them more ergonomic.

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