When can Sisca help you?

Sisca can help you build a customized screw conveyor quickly, easily and reliably. Sisca has already learned a lot in a very short time, so you can safely come to her with – almost – all your requirements! She can configure screw conveyors for many different types of product, such as granulates and poor-flow dry powders. Is Sisca not able to offer you a sufficient level of customization? Our experienced Sales Engineers will be happy to give you further advice!

When to contact us?

Unfortunately, Sisca does not yet have enough experience to be able to advise on all our options. For customization of those products below, please contact our Sales Engineers direct:

  • Pastas
  • Very wet products
  • Abrasive and aggressive products

Sisca can configure your screw conveyor in SS 1.4301 (304), SS 1.4401 (316) or in steel (S235). There is no maximum length for the screw conveyor you are configuring. Sisca can configure everything, so long as no intermediate bearing is required due to deflection, both horizontally and at any desired lift angle, up to a maximum of 70 degrees. If an intermediate bearing is required, or a lift angle greater than 70 degrees is configured, Sisca will refer you to our experienced Sales Engineers.

The available designs (see A-A) and types:

Shaft-mounted drive

All designs are equipped with a shaft-mounted drive, which can be positioned on the inlet or outlet side, as required. Sisca determines the required drive power based on product, process, design and size.

Five types of seals

Depending on the application and the product to be conveyed, Sisca will select from the most appropriate sealing options; you are free to choose a different option.
The options are:

  • Van Beek air seal
  • Van Beek grease-filled seal
  • Van Beek Gland seal
  • Van Beek Plastic seal
  • Van Beek Z-slat seal

Types of single screws

Sisca configures only single screws, with a double-sided flange bearing in stainless steel or steel. The screw inlets and outlets are always round with a standard flange, with DIN hole pattern, whereby the diameter is equal to the diameter of the conveyor.

Type 100

Type 150

Type 200

Type 250

Type 300

Type 400

Configure the right type together and calculate in real-time? I'm Sisca, your online engineer.

Start now, I'm happy to help you

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