Liner Filler makes container perfect for bulk transport

Van Beek screw system makes 20ft containers ideal for bulk transport


20 ft containers are in many cases ideal for bulk transport. Their square shape makes them efficient in terms of use of space and they are easy to transport by truck, rail or ship. There was however one disadvantage: how can you fill a container quickly? If this question has held you back from using these containers, read on. We have found the answer.

80-85 % filling in half an hour
We have developed the Liner Filler for fast loading of bulk goods into 20ft containers. It fills a container to over 80% in less than half an hour!

For this the container is fitted with a container liner; a big bag that lines the inside of the container. Container liners can only be filled via a relatively small hole at the back of the container and that held lots of logistics companies back from transporting their bulk goods in this way. They simply had no means of filling the container liners quickly.

Reliable and cheap
Thanks to the Liner Filler a reliable, cheap and efficient solution is at hand. The operation is as easy as it is efficient. The machine is a horizontally mounted screw conveyor with an open underside. The inlet can be round or a hopper.

It is filled from a silo, Dino bulk truck loader, shovel, belt or screw conveyor. The installation can as an option be fitted with wheels so that a fork lift truck can move it.

The liner filler is elevated. A truck with a 20 ft container drives backwards towards the liner filler and pushes the opening of the container over the screw until the screw is fully inserted into the container.

As soon as the screw is inserted into the container, the loading process can begin. The cargo falls through the open underside of the screw first into the back of the container and forms a heap there. As soon as it reaches the height of the screw, the cargo automatically falls further forwards in the container. At the end of the screw a filling detector is fitted so that the user knows for sure that all the space in the container is utilised and the screw stops in time.

Proved in practice
The Liner Filler has proved itself in practice for loading pellets (plastic granules), powders (such as flour) and flakes.

More information
Are you interested in the possibilities that the Liner Filler offers? Want to discuss whether the Liner Filler can offer a solution for your specific situation too? Then contact us!

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