Always working towards an outstanding end result

It takes years to learn to hone the skill, which explains the extraordinary talent of our welder and fabricator; Eric van Eijma. Born in Curaçao, he first picked up the electrode as a 6-year-old boy. Eric saw his neighbour welding fences and thought: “I can do that too!”

Now, Eric is over 50 and is one of Van Beek’s top welders. Our screw conveyor transport systems, which require a high standard of finish for chemical and food industry applications, are entrusted to him.

Eric has been working for Van Beek for 29 years, and it’s not only the company that is very happy with this. Eric explains: “The atmosphere is very good. The collaboration between the shop floor and engineering is excellent. If there is anything I want to discuss, I can just drop by.” If you ask Eric what he likes best about his work, he is concise and uncompromising: “Always working towards an excellent end result!”

This is what makes work an exciting challenge. “I like working for days or even weeks on a complex machine that requires me to work very precisely and carefully. Or, to do welding jobs in areas that are almost impossible to reach.”

Even in his spare time, Eric welds difficult objects. He designs and creates modern stainless steel furniture. And he still designs and makes stainless steel fences, which is where, on Curaçao, his passion began.

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