Trough, tube and Omega: models with distinguishing features!

We have listed our three types of screw conveyors for you here. Are you ready for us to show you our models?

The tidy tube conveyor
Perfectly round and with a cool appearance. No seams or gaps means our tube conveyor has a super sleek look. This model won’t reveal any secrets because powders, pellets and granules are transported without leaving a trace. The enclosed machine doesn’t allow any gas to escape, is pressure-resistant if required, and therefore is 100% safe. What if you want to inspect the interior? In that case, choose the EasyClean tube conveyor with removable screw.

The trusty trough screw conveyor
Is that how it got its name? The fact is that the trough screw conveyor is a welcome guest in the (animal) feed industry. And the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries are also great fans. This is because this machine is super-reliable. Hermetically sealed to transport product safely, dust-free and hygienically. Also accessible via optional hatches for easy and thorough cleaning. And when cleaning needs to be done ‘on the double’, you can choose the SpeedClean trough screw conveyor.

The ‘Oh my’ Omega screw conveyor
And last but not least, our most luxurious model: the Van Beek omega screw conveyor. The omega screw conveyor is reminiscent of a trough screw conveyor, only more ingenious. This lies in the Ω (Omega) profile of the hatches. The archetypal and highly functional shape enables product to reach higher places without fallback. This is because the Omega screw excels in small spaces where it is able to transport to a 90 degree incline. (ATEX) safe, hygienic and fast. And of course, this model is also super easy to clean hygienically.

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