Steinkühler chooses Dino bulk truck loader

Steinkühler specialises in the transport of powders and liquids (primarily for the food industry) and is the market leader in Europe in this field. For their site in Krefeld (where bulk goods are offloaded from bigbags into silo trucks) they have found a secure and quick solution to the offloading of bulk goods in Van Beek’s Dino Silverline.

‘Previously we used the conventional method of filling silo trucks by emptying bigbags into the silo truck from above, using a forklift. Because we now use the Dino Silverline for this, not only do we work quickly, but also safely now. After all, there is no need for anybody to be on top of the silo truck now’ says Steinkühler’s Stefan Heger.

Dino Silverline

Van Beek’s great strength is that every machine is uniquely designed and built according to customer specifications. This is also true of the Dino bulk truck loaders, of which at least 350 have already been sold worldwide.

However, the Dino® DR300 SilverLine, which is used by Steinkühler for the filling of silo trucks, is a standard turn-key bulk truck loader and can be supplied from stock. The basic capacity is 40 m³ per hour (or alternatively 80 m³ per hour) and fully complies with the harmonised European norms, Dutch working conditions (ARBO) legislation, Belgian legislation containing the table of Occupational Exposure Limits (ARAB), the standards of the German Technical Inspection Association (TUV) etc.

Steinkühler Germany

As a family firm Steinkühler is founded on reliability, expertise, innovation and quality in the field of road haulage, silo and container transport and the cleaning of silo trucks. The head office is based in Rheine, with branches in Krefeld and Barby. Steinkühler has 270 vehicles, including 210 silo trucks and tankers and 60 specially-adapted trucks.

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