Smart Dino fully ready for Industry 4.0

The Dino Wireless Monitoring System developed by Van Beek makes preventive, cost-saving maintenance on the Smart Dino bulk truck loader possible. With this innovative solution Van Beek again proves it is leading the way and ready for the Smart Industry, also known as Industry 4.0. Roel Kneepkens, alias Mr Bulk Truck Loader and sales engineer at Van Beek, has been our customers’ point of contact for the Dino bulk truck loader for over 10 years.

“At Van Beek we are pioneers. We want to continue to lead the way and therefore focus on innovation and further development. The Internet of Things (IoT) is now very hot and making the Dino smart was a logical step for us”, says ‘Mr. Bulk Truck Loader’, the alter ego of Kneepkens on social media. Due to his extensive knowledge and years of experience in the area of the Dino bulk truck loader Kneepkens was intensively involved in its further development into a ‘Smart Dino’.

Preventive maintenance
In the process industry predicting when maintenance is necessary is usually carried out based on averages. For example a bearing is usually due for replacement after x number of operating hours. To give greater certainty and avoid waste, Van Beek developed the Dino Wireless Monitoring System. The system consists of various sensors with its own internet connection. As a result the condition of the machine can be monitored online in real time. In this way components are replaced just in time and that prevents malfunctions. Remote read-out can also avoid a mechanic having to visit, for example if the system registers that a hatch has just not been closed properly. “Time is money. We save costs for the customer, by helping them remotely. From our office in Drunen we can look at this with the customer and can quickly register or avoid malfunctions”, explains Kneepkens.

Dino 4.0 on tour
The Dino 4.0 attracts a lot of attention at trade fairs. “Visitors respond positively and with interest. People always stop and look at how such a ‘simple’ machine as a screw conveyor can include such great applications and technical features”, says Kneepkens proudly. “For customers and visitors the vibration meter and hour counter are the most favourite features. This makes it possible to anticipate the situation and the user is not unpleasantly surprised.”

Favourite feature
Kneepkens is himself most attracted by the ‘location identifier: “With this we can see in real time where in the world all the Dinos are being used and what their status is. The plan is to display this on a big screen. I am looking forward to being able to look at a giant dashboard showing all ‘my’ Dinos with red, orange and green lamps.”

Would you like to know more about the Dino 4.0?
Send your questions to Roel Kneepkens via e-mail or by telephone via +31 (0)416 375225. As ‘Mr Bulk Truck Loader’ Roel Kneepkens regularly posts interesting facts and amusing messages. You can follow him via Facebook and Twitter

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