Dust extractor on the Dino® bulk truck loader

Dust is an ever recurring problem in loading (discharging) Big Bags into bulk trucks. Van Beek has developed various solutions to tackle this dust problem.

The dust problem with a Dino® really comes in two ways: dust around the hopper, and dust at the outlet.

Dust around the hopper

If Big Bags are used with a spout, the Dino® is equipped with a lid that has an opening in it.

A permanent extractor unit is mounted on the frame of the Dino® and its operation is included in the switch box of the Dino®.

If dust has to be extracted from an open hopper that Big Bags are discharged into without spout, the grid comes with a cutting knife and rim extraction is used.

If dust extraction takes place from an open hopper without a lid, this will always mean there is a stand-alone extraction unit, too big to be mounted on a Dino® frame.

Dust at the outlet

This is fixed by extracting dust via the outlet. This, too, takes place by way of a unit that is mounted on the Dino®. If you are not using a bellows that sticks into the man hole and more or less closes this, you will need a large extraction unit in order to create underpressure in the tanker.

If you are working with a close-fitting bellows when loading, only limited extraction is required, connecting it to the unit that has already been provided for the hopper.

The Dino® can in this way be equipped with an dust extraction unit that is mounted on the frame. This is a cloth filter kept clean by compressed air with an extraction capacity of 1600m3/h. The filter has a built-up fan in a sound-proofed casing. The extracted dust is collected in a dust collection bin equipped with quick-fasteners. To service the filter bags, the whole fan section can be removed easily.

The available extraction capacity is divided between the loading location of the bulk truck and the hopper for the Big Bags or other bags.

The filter is antistatic and the bags are oil and water-resistant.

If available, the Dino® can of course also be connected to an existing extraction system.

For more information about the Dino® visit www.dino.nl

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