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Screw conveyors quick to clean with Van Beek Hypreme

Thanks to Van Beek’s innovative cleaning techniques screw conveyors can also comply with the most stringent hygiene standards. In some segments of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries screw conveyors were previously not seen as an option, but the Hypreme products SpeedClean and EasyClean have changed all this.

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Van Beek geeft terugkoopgarantie op ál haar machines

Met ‘Van Beek Refurbished’ verlengen wij de levensduur van onze machines. Zo dragen we bij aan het verduurzamen van de procesindustrie. Op alle schroeftransporteurs van Van Beek hanteren wij vanaf 1 december 2018 een terugkoopgarantie. Deze garantie geldt niet alleen voor de schroeftransporteurs die vanaf deze datum onze fabriek verlaten, maar voor alle machines die ooit door Van Beek zijn gebouwd. ‘Van Beek Refurbished’ is ontstaan uit een samenwerking met onze partner Surplus Select.

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ARN saves thousands with screw conveyors

ARN has been very successfully recycling shredder waste from end-of-life vehicles in a brand new factory in Tiel since 2011. The process in a new factory never runs smoothly immediately and ARN was no exception: the Z elevators installed wore out much faster than anticipated and this resulted in huge maintenance costs. This problem has now been rectified since the belt conveyors were replaced by Van Beek screw conveyors.

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Customised feed screw convinces milk powder manufacturer

It is not usually difficult to adjust the feed for a vertical dosing screw. Because of the very limited space a big milk powder manufacturer in Switzerland did however need a little of the expertise that only Van Beek Schroeftransport can provide. "Van Beek was really helpful in thinking through practical solutions with us", says Jeroen van der Velden of Premier Tech Chronos.

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Inclined elevation of sludge concentrate child’s play for screw conveyor

For its new wastewater treatment plant, mushroom processor Prochamp was looking for a way of conveying sludge concentrate to a container at an angle of 40 degrees. Their regular screw conveyor supplier was not able to guarantee that a screw conveyor could do this. Van Beek Schroeftransport took up this challenge with both hands. "We do in fact have a lot of experience with similar situations in previous projects ", explains sales engineer Peter Verhoeven from Van Beek.

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Van Beek dosing screw fills everything perfectly

For filling packagings, bottles, bags or tubs during the process the Van Beek dosing screw has for decades been a favourite option with manufacturers in the chemical and food industry. Based on the experience acquired in hundreds of factories Van Beek has developed a standard model. This model can be used in virtually any situation thanks to the options that can easily be installed.

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Van Beek bag compactor ideal for cheap and efficient disposal of empty bags

Production companies often use raw materials in bags in their processes. If a company does not incorporate the handling of the emptied bags into the process, the empty bags threaten the progress, safety and appearance of the plant. Van Beek has designed the bag compactor so that the empty bags can be handled as cheaply, efficiently and in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

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Dino bulk truck loader conquers Czech Republic via new agent Hennlich Engineering

More and more production plants associated with the West are being built in Eastern European countries. A logical consequence is that in these countries more and more bulk transport is taking place and the need for a mobile bulk truck loader like the Dino is automatically growing. Van Beek is therefore delighted to announce that a suitable agent has been found to sell the Dino in the Czech Republic.

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Looking for the best way to take a sample of your product?

Checking your product during processing is very important to maintain quality. But how do you safely take a representative sample without having to shut down the whole process? Van Beek has developed the Sample Screw for this purpose: an innovative sampler that is easy to clean.

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Customer-specific TwinFeeders for Hosokawa

Recently Van Beek was again able to supply a ‘state of the art’ TwinFeeder to Hosokawa Micron in Doetinchem. Hosokawa uses this type of TwinFeeder as a feed screw for their Drymeister flash dryer. Because of the constantly changing designs that Hosokawa Micron needs, it remains a challenge for Van Beek to adapt the TwinFeeder each time for this specific customer. Van Beek has succeeded in this to Hosokawa’s full satisfaction, shown by the fact that relationship between the two companies already goes back more than 25 years. This relationship is based on quality, knowledge, expertise and involvement of the employees.

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Optimum hygiene for screw conveyance by patented ‘SpeedClean’ concept

Hygiene standards for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and meat and food processing industry are being continually tightened. The cleaning of machines is a priority to meet all the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements. The aim is to strive continuously and carefully for higher speed cleaning to save costs and claims. Van Beek has designed a patented innovative screw cleaning method for these specific sectors: the ‘SpeedClean’ concept that drastically speeds up and improves the cleaning of screw conveyor systems and makes them more ergonomic.

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Screw conveyors from Van Beek fit within DSM’s new state-of-the-art plant in Geleen

In the new ammonium sulfate plant that DSM is building in Geleen (the Netherlands) there will be as many as 17 Van Beek screw conveyor systems. These conveyor systems play an important part in the production of ammonium sulfate. This is a substance that is mainly used as artificial fertilizer, but can also be used as a raw material for medicines and foodstuffs.

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Railway wagons and tall containers easy to fill with new Dino XXL

Two new versions of the Dino® bulk truck loader now make it easier to load taller (square) storage silos such as railway wagons and containers. These XL and XXL Dinos from Van Beek were initially developed at the request of two customers. They do however seem to be the solution that so many customers were looking for that the Dinos have been added to the standard range.

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